Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; they shall be food for you.”


Here is a list of negative side-effects so those with cancer can weigh their options:

CHEMO (which is approved by the FDA)

These are the side-effects I discovered along my journey through chemo and radiation. Of course, not everyone has all the same side-effects, but count on experiencing most of these if you've undergone large amounts of chemo.

Hair loss, which includes loss of eyebrows, eyelashes, anywhere on your body you can find hair. 

Loss of fingernails. 

Loss of muscle tissue. Don't think that because you once were able to walk up a short flight of stairs that you'll still be able to do that while on chemo.

Loss of bone density. 

Damage to your entire GI tract: expect to have dry mouth for several years following chemo, even after you've beaten the cancer.

Deterioration of the gums, followed by loose teeth. 

Numbness in hands and feet (nerve damage).


Anemia (loss of red blood cells, which can cause fatigue and weakness).

Loss of blood, and possible bleeding to death since the body no longer has blood-clotting capabilities. 



Susceptibility to infection.

Memory loss.

Nausea and vomiting. 



Fried ovaries, so that any young women who undergoes this treatment should be prepared to lose the ability to have children. Same with men.

Fried appendix.

Possible liver failure, kidney failure, heart failure and/or damage to all these and other vital organs.

Finally DEATH. Let me make clear, death from chemo NOT cancer.

Another important piece of information to consider is the fact that doctors have been treating cancer patients with chemo since the 1800s.

SIDE-EFFECTS of B17 (B17 which is NOT approved by the FDA because it can't be patented)

Lowering of blood-pressure.

Upset stomach and headache if you take too much.

Increased appetite.

Weight gain.

Superior health.

NO ONE has ever died from B17. 

That's it! So . . . which treatment plan would you prefer following?

If B17 is the route you'd like to take, see the left sidebar for more information on how to get this wonderful supplement that the FDA has banned in the land of the free because it would mean loss of lots of money to fill their already full pockets. They made B17 illegal because it might be "dangerous." If that's such a big concern, why don't they make chemo illegal? Chemo nearly killed me three times!


  1. Sandi how many chemo treatments did you have before you started taking b17? Do you know any way to get limph# to lower naturally without chemo.? I've been taking b17 almost 2 months now and my white blood cells are still high (I've not ad any chemo. or radiation) the doctors want me to start that next week. I'm thinking 'm going to skip it. Thank you Sandi, God bless you and your family.

    1. I was off of chemo for over a year when I started taking B17. How much B17 have you been taking? I know if you don't take enough, it won't work. I take 500mg twice a day, and I use the NovoDalin brand. I don't know enough about the B17 USA and whether or not it's legit. If you'd rather discuss this privately, go to my website and contact me there:

  2. I was diagnosed with squamous carcinoma of the esophagus around Feb this year, bottom 3rd of the track, close to the stomach. I didn't even know it after a nod appeared on my neck... I had it checked and it turned out that it was the result of metastasis from my carcinoma of the esophagus. This is stage IV since it's a distant metastasis... Look it up on the web and it seems that the chance of my survival is pretty low... I did a round of chemo and found myself feeling worse than before. The cancer really has no effect on my everyday life... I eat normally, exercise, work like a regular person... only after the chemo then I felt a little sick. I just had a check up with the doctor and told him that I've decided against chemo and radio and then surgery. He strongly advise against it. Anyway, I will start B17 soon, anyone out the has any suggestions for me? I will be glad to anything you have to say... Thanks!

    1. How are you doing? I'm sorry I missed this post when it was originally written. I would have suggested you avoid sugar as it feeds cancer, especially high fructose corn syrup.

  3. Sandi, did you take B17 while on chemo? do you know if its safe to do so? Thank you Sandi, God Bless.

    1. My friend did and it helped her. :-)