Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; they shall be food for you.”

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Scientific papers: Amygdalin as a cancer treatment

This video was shared under one of my YouTube videos.

Vitamin B17 is what God used to save my life, and obviously doctors in other countries are discovering it. Note how many varieties of cancer it's curing.

Click HERE to watch!

Friday, October 16, 2015

A Comment from a Reader

I was reading your blog on B17. Maybe I should say something and maybe not?? But here goes .. I took a course thirty something years ago on vitamin B12, Bs, diet and multivitamins. I was plagued by multiple illnesses possibly triggered by a parasitic infection.

What I learned was you can take 2000mgs or more of any vitamin. It all depends on how much your body needs. If you're taking too much your body will let you know. The symptoms are quite mild. I don't think 500mg is enough if anyone is fighting cancer. Personally I would start with 2000mgs of B17 and adjust it from there.

No one seems to know this including the naturopaths. Honestly I have no idea why?? Recently I reverted back to this old regiment. My PCP went berzerk until she discovered how many of my ailments disappeared. At this time I'm taking 2000mgs of b12 and about 600mgs of everything else A Bs C D and E. It's the minerals that you need to be cautious with ... not the vitamins. Sounds to me like this group is under dosing. I'm sure you've heard of people using huge amounts of vitamin C to treat an illness?? Vitamins can't hurt you. I've never heard of a vitamin OD but you do hear about deficiencies. I would have loved to comment but I don't do social media. These people really need more ... the're fighting a major illness.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Watch this video while you can!

This is about doctors from all over the world curing cancer NATURALLY.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Posts and Books

I get a lot of questions from folks, and while I'm happy to answer them if I can, please keep in mind, I'm NOT a doctor. I can only share what has worked for me, and what I've learned from others: books, internet, etc.

Also, I get posts that need to be approved, and I'd like to reply to some of those posts, but I'm not able to find some of you once I approve them. If you don't post at the bottom of the page in the comments section (below ALL the comments), and instead you post underneath another comment, I can't find you. I'm sorry for those I've missed, but there are so many comments to scroll through that it's nearly impossible to find yours. It's pretty much buried.

So . . . just a suggestion. If you want to hear from me, I'd prefer that you comment on one of my recent posts on the "Home Page" where there aren't as many comments. This post now is on the "Home Page." So, you should post your comment or question here. I'll then be able to find you and hopefully help you. But keep in mind, I'm NOT a doctor.

One last thing. Do your research! Here are all the books that brought me to where I'm at today. If you click on the book it will take you to Amazon where you can purchase it if you wish; otherwise, check them out at your local library. You might also want to scroll through the reviews of each book. They're very good.

One last note: I don't sell anything on this blog or anywhere else pertaining to B17. Nothing. I refuse to profit in any way off of B17 because it would mean I can't say it kills cancer. Or shall I say, CURES cancer.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Update On Me

Now that my cancer is gone, I'm still taking Vitamin B17, but I lowered my dose to 500mg per day. This is simply for prevention. However, sometimes I up the dose to 1000mg a day if I happened to eat sugar. I don't trust sugar because it FEEDS cancer . . . but obviously, that hasn't kept me from eating it on occasion. Anyway, I've noticed every time I up the dose of B17 to only 1000mg for a few days, I get these zit-like bumps on my head and face. Twice it's happened on my nose, of all places. They're bumps that swell and seep out some kind of liquid, which then dries up and turns into a scab. Weird.

Because God is my physician now (since all the earthly doctors failed me, and He tells us to eat seeds in Genesis 1:29), I asked Him if I should start taking cannabis oil. I've done a bit of research on the cannabis oil, and there are cases where it's cured folks of cancer. Plus, it's legal here in Colorado. So, when I asked God if I should take it or not, I asked Him to remind me the next day (I tend to be very forgetful, compliments of chemo/radiation, and I can go days forgetting things). Anyway, the very next day, when I woke up, it was the VERY FIRST thought I had. So, I said, "All right, God. I'll go get it."

I found a dispensary who then gave me a list of doctors who could write a prescription and help me to apply for a medical card. I went to the doctor, and because he was an actual doctor, my insurance covered that visit, but it won't cover the cost of the cannabis or B17 (isn't it interesting that both those items are listed on their site as not being covered), so I had to pay for the cannabis out of pocket, which wasn't too bad. One bottle of B17 is about 80 bucks (that's with shipping), but the cannabis (with a coupon) came to 70 dollars. Without the coupon it would have been 90. And they both last me about the same amount of time, just over a month.

So . . . I'm laying off the B17 for a while (although, sometimes I'll take one pill when I'm feeling the "need," or shall I say "fear," because I'm paranoid), and I'm taking cannabis oil. There are several stories out there about it's healing effects, and here's one I'd like to share with you. Scroll down to watch the video.

Thursday, June 25, 2015



I've been bombarded with "testimonials" claiming to have used Rick Simpson's cannabis oil to cure their cancers. It got to be so much, that I started monitoring the comments. It's important that you know the TRUTH about Rick and "his oil". There are a lot of fraudulent oils and criminals out there. I believe cannabis oil cures cancer, but you've got to get the real stuff for it to work.

In the meantime, here's what the real RICK SIMPSON says about cannabis oil from his own website. He DOES NOT SELL cannabis oil! So, don't trust anyone who says they "bought" their oil from Rick. It's a FRAUD!

Read all about it from Rick Simpson himself, HERE.

THIS ARTICLE written by Rick explains it more clearly, plus, he puts up a video of himself at the end so you know it's from him.



Monday, March 2, 2015

My Updated Video

Hi, folks!

I just put up my third update on YouTube. The quality is very poor. I don't know what went wrong, but the sound is fine.

So, here's the LINK for those who want to watch it.