Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; they shall be food for you.”

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Very Disappointed

The website,, that answered so many of our questions about B17 has been taken down. This would not be the first time it's been shut down by the government. Also, I've tried contacting many news stations, telling them my story, but NO ONE is interested. Not one. Then I learned that they earn BILLIONS of dollars from Big Pharma for their ads, which explains why they wouldn't want stories that won't make them any money. I'm sure my story isn't the only one they've rejected. There are many more than mine out there of people who've cured their cancer naturally.

How I know the media gets money from Big Pharma is found in this article: THE EVILS OF BIG PHARMA EXPOSED.

This is another article you all might find interesting (and it explains why I refuse to give to any of the "Walks for Life" or "Run for the Cure" cancer fundraising garbage): THE CANCER INDUSTRY IS TOO PROSPEROUS TO ALLOW A CURE.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Another Vitamin B17 Brand

A bit of drama came with this vitamin. I wanted to know if it was a reliable brand, a vitamin that worked as well as the other brands I’ve got listed. So, I gave it a try. I took it the day it arrived, which was right around 4 in the afternoon on Tuesday. I took three 500mgs all at once because normally that amount would give me a slight upset stomach and a slight headache, and that would tell me it worked. But nothing happened. So, I took another three 500mg the next morning on Wednesday around 9. Still nothing. So ... to see if I'd have a reaction (slight stomach-ache and headache), I took my regular brand around 2 in the afternoon. Still nothing! This never happens to me. Normally I get a reaction, but nothing came from either of the brands.

BTW, during all this time I hadn't eaten much and had little water to drink, so I believe I was dehydrated, which didn't help the situation that follows because dehydration can cause low blood pressure.

It was after this that right around dinnertime, which was 5:00 in the evening, my blood pressure CRASHED! It really scared me. It dropped to as low as 90/57. I collapsed in my bed, realizing I'd done a stupid thing. I took (within a 24 hour period, really, closer to 12) NINE 500mg of B17. This was incredibly foolish because my blood pressure normally is very low. Anyway, I lay down and put my legs up so that they’d be above my heart because my feet and hands started tingling (blood wasn't reaching those parts, and they were cold). I knew if I put my legs up the beating of my heart wouldn't have to work as hard to reach my vital organs.

So … I slept it off for nearly 4 hours, and I woke up later in the day (about 9 at night). By then I was feeling better, and my blood pressure went back up (95/60). Yes, that's still low, but my BP is always on the low side. sigh You'd think I would have used my brain in regards to that. A healthy blood pressure should read about 120/80.

Anyway, normally just three of these at once would not have had such a severe effect on me, but nine ... that's another story. So, that tells me this vitamin works. Yes, it was stupid of me to take so much in such a short period of time, and I'll never do that again. I really feared I might die, just to be honest. I know B17 has never killed anyone (supposedly), but ... I was scared I might be its first victim. I share this as a cautionary tale for the rest of you. Watch your blood pressure! Vitamin B17 DOES lower the blood pressure!

In the meantime, I discovered a new brand that I trust. Plus, it’s affordable as long as their price stays at $75.00. Another positive, shipping is FREE for those of us who live in the USA. AND they ship internationally, which is also helpful for those of you who don't live in the US. Just click on the picture above to get to the website.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I just shared my story with Vice-President Biden

HERE is where I shared my cancer story. If you have one of your own, this is your chance!

Here's what I wrote:

May 25, 2016

Dear Mr. Biden:

This seems unreal. I can’t believe I have this opportunity to share my story. I hope and pray you’ll actually read it! I don’t know how much space I have in this window, so I’ll cut to the chase, and please forgive me if I sound cold and blunt. This is a story that is heavy on my heart because it nearly destroyed my family.

I’m a mother of four and got cancer from an MS drug (an autoimmune disease they’re curing in Mexico, by the way). My step-dad and I battled the same “rare” cancer (non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) at the very same time: he died, and I survived (imagine how awful this time was for my mother). When all the traditional treatments failed, I finally beat cancer with a vitamin. Vitamin B17 (a.k.a. Laetrile/Amygdalin) is a concentrated form of apricot kernels (that’s assuming the fruit didn’t come from Monsanto, but that’s another story about GMOs). Vitamin B17 is found in most fruit seeds: apple seeds, blackberry seeds, etc. There has been a cure for cancer since BEFORE the 1970s, and Doctors like Dr. Richardson was using it to cure his patients in 1970 until the FDA shut him down and rumors were spread about arsenic being found in apple seeds. According to Dr. Krebs Jr., who discovered Vitamin B17, it works on ALL cancers (his writings can be found in medical textbooks to this day). Because Vitamin B17 is natural, it can’t be patented, so none of the higher-ups are interested in it. Millions of people are needlessly dying. Just like your son.

Here’s how it works: when B17 breaks through the trophoblastic cells that surround all cancer cells, it creates a chemical reaction, which then creates cyanide, killing the cancer cell, while feeding the healthy cells. It’s a natural chemo from our Heavenly Father. Please read Genesis 1:29 and you’ll see that God expects us to eat His seeds.

Years ago, a man named Jason Vale cured his cancer with apricot seeds and then started selling it and telling everyone that it cured cancer. This landed him in prison! We no longer have freedom of speech here in the “land of the free” because no one who sells the seeds or Vitamin B17 are allowed by the FDA to say it cures cancer. Our insurance company is United Healthcare, and do you know what they specifically list as “not covered?” Vitamin B17 and Cannabis Oil. (Yes, cannabis oil is another natural treatment that cures cancer. Here’s just ONE of the many stories: Again, none of these cures can be patented and won’t make Big Pharma and the FDA money. Cancer is Big Business. We no longer donate to “Run for the Cure” fundraisers, or any type of program like that because the money simply goes to Big Pharma, and when they bring their drugs to be approved by the FDA, the one with the most money wins. Please research this! You’ll see that the same people who run the FDA also run Big Pharma companies. It’s unethical and should be illegal.

People who want “freedom of choice in cancer treatments” have to go to countries like Mexico to get cured of their disease. Doctors in Mexico are curing autoimmune diseases that are incurable here in the States, not to mention cancer. These cures should be happening here. Here in the land of the free, not in third world countries. American doctors who’ve discovered these cures and who have a conscience have taken their practices to places like Mexico so that they can actually live up to their Hippocratic Oath.

Would you please allow “freedom of choice in cancer treatments?” I’ll include links to prove my case. You can learn more about my story here: All I know is I was supposed to die, but this simple vitamin cured me, and it can cure others too.

I was at Colorado University Hospital, and when everything failed, I told them I was going to take B17. They were willing to monitor me on it when usually they’d tell us an alternative we brought up was quackery. If you contact them, you can find out that I am cured (I’m still alive three years later, and I’m writing to you, so I’m cured). They told me to go home because what I was doing was better than anything they had to offer (which was chemo and radiation). My doctors were: Dr. Han Myint and later Dr. Gutman.

Please ask yourself. How much money would the FDA and Big Pharma make if fewer people were sick? Please. Please help the American people. Please reclaim our freedoms to be able to cure ourselves with natural remedies and have the freedom to choose how we want, not only ourselves, but also our CHILDREN to be treated. Please encourage insurance companies to cover natural treatments. Please have medical schools teach natural treatments/remedies to their aspiring doctors. (My own family physician said he felt cheated in his education after he saw what cured me.) Please be the one to save a nation from disease and death.

Finally, please try to get your hands on a DVD titled, “Second Opinion: Laetrile at Sloan-Kettering” (“Laetrile” is another name for “Vitamin B17”). Dr. Suriura’s comments during the press interview are very revealing and show how Sloan-Kettering suppressed the truth (HERE is where you can get the video). Below is my cancer blog, along with other links that tell the TRUTH about Vitamin B17. I don’t make a profit off of B17 because I want to be able to tell my story and how it cured me.

The story of Vitamin B17 (note how old this video is, and how long the cure has been known and denied):

Thank you so much for your time. If you want more information, I’ll be happy to provide it. I’d love to have you over for dinner, I’ll make pasta!

Many Blessings,

Sandi Rog

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

ENOUGH of Their Brainwashing

Here's a message I received from Ty Bolinger, and I want to share it with you!

Hey there Sandi,

April is going to be an amazing month for us and for our movement. Here's why...

First, the Encore presentation of The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest runs April
12th - 20th (free of course). If you'd like to share with those you love, just send them to

Second, I'm speaking all over North America to help bring awareness to our mission and our message. 

Here's where I'll be if you want to come meet me in person. :-)

April 8-10
Total Health Canada, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada

April 23 
Message of Hope, Chateau Elan Winery, Braselton, GA  
(both Charlene and I are speaking) 

May 16-17 
Health Liberty Symposium, Las Vegas, NV

I'd love to meet you so please visit the links above for more info...

And of course, we have a whole new batch of powerful articles and videos, just for you – and those you share them with. :-)

Ty Bollinger
Of course, I won't be in any of these areas, but some of you may be, so hopefully you'll have a chance to go to one of these shows. In the meantime, click HERE to get the free documentary episodes!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Man Takes Pregnancy Test: Results are POSITIVE

I wrote this on my personal blog in 2012. I'll repost it here:

Here's my latest discovery. 

Some say, "Don't try this at home." I say, "YES, TRY THIS AT HOME!" and save yourself THOUSANDS of dollars!

CANCER CAN BE DETECTED IN THE URINE. A simple urine test can tell you if you have cancer or not. Forget these expensive biopsy's and test it for yourself. Find someone you know (preferably a male) who has cancer, and have him take a pregnancy test, and see what happens (all he has to do is pee on a stick, not too difficult for a guy). If you're willing to do this and the test shows even the faintest hint of an extra line (indicating that it's positive), then it can't be wrong. A pregnancy test can only be wrong if it's negative, but IN THE MAJORITY OF CASES it CAN'T BE WRONG if it's positive. I knew this long before cancer (I've got four kids, so I've at least taken four of these tests; truth is, I've taken more, but that's another subject). They're extremely accurate because there's a certain hormone (HCG) in pregnant women that ONLY APPEARS IF ONE IS PREGNANT. So, if the test is positive, it's likely true. However, if it's negative, it could be correct, or it could be incorrect, depending on how much of the hormone (HCG) is in the body. Well, it just so happens, THE SAME HORMONE that's found in pregnant women, IS FOUND IN CANCER CELLS.

The above picture is the result of a pregnancy test a MAN took. It's difficult to see the second line above the clear pink line, but if you look closely (or find someone with better eye-sight), you can see a line indicating that this man has the pregnancy hormone (HCG). A male acquaintance who has cancer (he just completed a heavy dose of chemo; so he's going to try again later and see if he can get a clearer result) was willing to take this HCG (pregnancy) test for me, and it came out positive. SO, either HE'S PREGNANT, or he HAS CANCER! 

As you can see, my latest HCG results were negative (see the picture above). Can you see the difference between my test and the man's test above mine? Notice there's not even a hint of a line on my test. Either I'm not pregnant, which I'm not, and/or I no longer have cancer! I'll find out for sure on October 11th, which is when I'm scheduled to get my next PET scan. 

Allow me to share with you what I learned from the book WORLD WITHOUT CANCER by G. Edward Griffin (and God bless you Mr. Griffin for telling the TRUTH about cancer!):

"...Trophoblast cells produce a distinct hormone that readily can be detected in the urine. This is known as the chorionic gonadotrophic hormone (CGH or HCG). If cancer is trophoblast, then one would expect that cancer cells also would secrete this hormone. And, indeed they do. It is also true that no other cell is known to produce HCG. This means that, if HCG is detected in the urine, it indicates that there is present either normal pregnancy trophoblast or abnormal malignant cancer. If the patient is a woman, she either is pregnant or has cancer. If he is a man, cancer can be the only cause. 

The significance of this fact is far-reaching. A simple urine test similar to the well-known rabbit test for pregnancy can detect the presence of cancer long before it manifests itself as illness or a lump, and it throws serious doubt upon the rationale behind surgical biopsies. Many physicians are convinced that any cutting into a malignant tumor, even for a biopsy, increases the likelihood that the tumor will spread. (More on that in a later chapter.) In any event, there is questionable need for such procedures in view of the fact that the HCG urine test is available. In the 1960's and '70s, Dr. Manuel Navarro, Professor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Santo Tomas in Manilla, offered this test to American physicians and reported 95% accuracy with both cancer and non-cancer patients. Almost all of the so-called errors were in showing cancer activity with patients who presumably did not have cancer. But in a large percentage of these, those same patients later developed clinical manifstations of cancer, suggesting that the HCG test was accurate after all. Doctors who have had experience with this test have learned never to assume it is in error when it indicates the presence of trophoblast."

So . . . there you have it. 

Keep those wonderful prayers coming. God is revealing amazing information. And please pray for Larry, this wonderful man who was willing to pee on a stick for a complete stranger. He's going to start taking B17, along with Pancreatic Enzymes and Zinc citrate. If he quits chemo, I believe he'll be around a lot longer than the time the doctors will give him.

Update on Larry: I'm afraid it was too late for Larry. Sadly, he passed away not long after taking this test. 

Finally, this came up during my discovery. Another man who took a pregnancy test and it was positive. Click HERE to read about it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Scientific papers: Amygdalin as a cancer treatment

This video was shared under one of my YouTube videos.

Vitamin B17 is what God used to save my life, and obviously doctors in other countries are discovering it. Note how many varieties of cancer it's curing.

Click HERE to watch!